Stark Lite version 1.0.7

Stark Lite version 1.0.7 have been released.


Stark Lite now support’s Jetpack infinite scroll.

Support for infinite scroll have been added to give bloggers more ways to present their website.





New header Option settings in Theme Option.

Stark Lite Theme now comes with a new header option, it disables the current header black background, to give a more defined look to your blog, and more options to experiment!

Stark Theme page link in your website

The current version of Stark Lite 1.0.4 comes with an extra menu “Stark Theme” in the navigation which links the user to the Stark Theme page.

Since then some and mostly newbie WordPress users don’t know the fact that it is optional, and have always addressed this as an issue.

Most of the questions from the users is Continue reading

How to use the Post Format: link

Post Formats are the theme features, which is used to customize the way a post is displayed.

This is just a quick guide on how to use the Post Format-Link for Stark Lite Theme.

  • If you want to link the desired content, make sure the content comes before the link as shown below.
post format link

Make sure the content comes before the link

In the given image “Check it out!” is the link.

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How to remove stark theme page

One of the most common and frequently asked question through the support page is:

“How to remove the Stark Theme page from the menu?”

And I often have to direct them to the FAQ page, most of the users seems to ignore or overlook the FAQ page before asking such related questions.

This post is intended to grab the users attention, who didn’t notice the FAQ page.

So if you still have this question in mind, please check the FAQ.